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Celebration 2015 NA


It is time to Refresh, upgrade, move up your website to cutting edge technology for 2016.

We will analyze your target audience and build you a website that will meet their ever growing needs. We will do it at a great discount…

You will NOT pay the regular $1200 or $850 …

If you ‘dive’ in now and secure your position during this celebration (i.e. the 1st week in December),

you will get our ‘Website Refresh 2016’ Offer for only Four Hundred and Ninety Seven Dollars ($497)


As more and more people spend phenomenal time online, Social Media has become a ‘Must’ for Churches. It is ‘hands down’ the best way to connect with large crowds of people. Period!

In this Celebration deal, we will do the following for you,

– Build you a FB page the right way

– Create Cover image and profile image for your page

***This is the big one! ***

– We will update your Facebook page at least three (3) times a day, with highly viral Christian content (that is currently creating a buzz online and other unique content that we create for you) i.e. at least three (3) times a day.

Divine & Branches will do all of these for only $67 per month.

Just updating your Facebook page at least, three (3) times a day, is worth more than this asking price!

Our celebration offers are only available for the first (1st) week in December

These deals are GONE @ Midnight 7th December 2015.