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Paster Robert Onuorah - City of Redemption Parish, Ashford KentCity of Redemption had shopped around for a WEB DEVELOPER for several years until we met DIVINE AND BRANCHES. We are a fastidious client and needed a a company that will be patient to understand all our needs and capture same in a simple but functional design.
Divine and Branches helped us to achieve our online aspiration without stress.
They were very responsive and anticipative of our requirements. If you need a web developer with innovative and creative solutions, I will recommend Divine and Branches.

Robert Onuorah
RCCG, City Of Redemption Ashford

Tel: +44 1233 637 379

Good day,

y name is Gideon and I am the CEO of Divine & Branches Limited. We are Online marketing Consultants and our main focus is to,

help businesses get more customers by employing techniques that make them super popular online …

… enabling them spend more free time doing the things they love. e.g spending time with their family, etc.”

We are Christians at Divine and Branches Ltd.(John 15:5) and therefore have a more important mission! More than ten (10) years ago, I believe The Lord placed in my heart the task of using my unique design and management skills to assist His body, The Church.

Divine and Branches is now in the best position to accomplish this task.

Today, I will like to introduce you to a group of services that will greatly make it easy to run your Church or ministry.

o succeed in today’s world, it is not enough for a Church or Ministry to have just a web presence.

Along with a website, you need an easy method to,

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– Make your Sermons available outside Church service hours

– You need to Get your Sermons in all the formats that your members (and those they refer your messages to) can easily access.

– Efficiently manage the membership of your Church

– Communicate with all your Church members easily and even at short notice! An area most churches need help with!

– You also need to Foster closer interaction between Church members

– Syndicate your Sermons on international platforms like iTunes, etc

– Design Newsletters and send them to your subscriber using the best Email Marketing service on the planet

We are DnB recognise that Social Media is the biggest thing around today and getting The Word out and building sustainable and active communities on Facebook, Twitter, etc is essential to online success today

– We will help you to build a sustainable community on the best Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and now Pinterest.

The services we offer to the Church include the following,

1) Website Design or Redesign

2) Church Media website – Video, Audio & picture Messages platforms

3) iTunes Audio Podcast integration

4) Social Media Presence – Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, LinkedIn

5) Mobile Website design

6) SMS Marketing for Churches

7) Ministry Newsletter design and implementation

Website Design or Redesign

eb development at Divine & Branches is not only about the design, we put our heart into it by making sure your Church/Ministry is given personalised support. We consult you to make sure we know your specific needs and continue to support your web presence to ensure it is a true reflection of your Christ-centred goal.

Church Media website – Video, Audio and picture Messages Platform

etting your Christian messages (video and audio) online doesn’t have to be such a headache! We will take the burden off you so you can concentrate on what you do best i.e. creating the messages.

iTunes Audio Podcast integration

e can take your messages further to the whole world.

Apple’s iTunes is without doubt, the leading podcast platform in the world with 225 Million account holders. We can get your messages out on iTunes.

Social Media Presence – Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, LinkedIn

ocial media is the most powerful way of growing businesses today and it will be a BIG mistake to ignore it.
Our social media experts will help you build a community of happy fans eagerly waiting to hear your next message.

Mobile Website design & SMS Marketing for Churches

ith current statistics showing that “There are 5.9 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 87 percent of the world population)” and that by 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online, you can’t afford not to reach this teaming population of mobile users with the Gospel of Jesus.
Divine and Branches will design you a befitting mobile website and advise on running effective SMS campaigns to grow your Church community and increase participation.

Ministry Newsletter design & implementation

Why produce a local newsletter?

– Creates and maintains interest in local church.

– It is a historical record of your local church

– It advertises your church

At Divine and Branches, we create beautiful and compelling Newsletters that effectively project your message.

To get Any or All of these services or to make an enquiry, please, fill the form at the top of the page (below the video) and we will get to you within 24 hours OR You can reach us at,

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Tel: +44-7717-8433-41