Africa as a Brand

Africa is THE Continent. Our mission is to showcase Africa – its beautiful history, stories, culture, art & music, its people, their lives and stories, its beautiful country places – as the authentic brand and to empower Africans in the process.  Divine & Branches … Proud, confident in and passionate
about Africa.

“…driving Africa’s image, reputation and competitiveness from Africa, for Africa”.



To create online portal of everything African – To showcase the
African brand!

To create a facility online where Africa’s positive image will be showcased. It will be a source of very useful information for Africans (in the continent and in Diaspora) and all those willing to know about and invest in Africa.

This will include,

Re-telling Africa’s stories – history and folklore

o Interactive History software

o Digital library of Africa and Africans – photos, audios, videos, Animations

o Animated low budget films

o Comics


Create a network of Christian websites that will be a platform built to primarily serve Africans
and Africa’s Christian broadcast ministries. My vision is to build an influential site like Salem Web Network (SWN) –

Will also create Graphic materials for Christian institutions e.g.

Online News networks on Africa (create a different (unique) source of African news)

Infomercials on Africa and its people

Create a network of information Hubs for Africa

o Tourist destinations

o Info on Hotels, Religious organizations, key companies, – in African countries

o Investment possibilities

o Policy decision guide – inner circle info of how things work in different countries

o Guides to property investments, culture, social networking, schooling, art and crafts,


Mobile Phone volunteering – activism in which anyone with a smartphone can devote spare minutes – waiting for the bus or in a clinic or office – to a useful charitable or scientific task in Africa. (Future project)

How Will It Work?

This vision will be run with the intent of making it a successful business on the long run

Sources of Revenue:

1. This will come mainly from advertisements – Banners, infomercials,

2. Repackaging the information sourced (i.e. on our website) and selling them as guides i.e. creating our own information products.

3. Subscriptions

4. Marketing Affiliates products on our websites and to our opt-in list

5. Offering the technology we use as a service to others


Initially Volunteers will be needed to test out the various aspects of the vision i.e. to discover the viable business options and to determine where resources need to be committed at inception.

As viable business options are discovered, core staff will be employed. These might be partners in the business who would collectively share in the day to day running of the vision.

Business areas will be setup to be self sufficient in the earliest possible time – other wise they are not considered viable.

Initial Funding:

Personal savings – contributions from partners

Financial loan – from financial institutions

Grants – from institutions identified as interested in giving Grant to fund visions like ours


What skills are needed for Digital Africa


  • Graphic skills – design interfaces, branding, edit photos, create graphics
  • Flash / HTML5 design – Interactive designs, 2D animations,
  • Non-Linear Audio-Video editing
  • 3D Animation – animated clips for adverts – online & TV, short films

What skills are needed for Christo-Africa


  • Christian Speakers and Writers – to create, modify, … content,
  • Web developers – design, database creation, advertising
  • Researchers – articles, information, events, news
  • Counsellors and Forum Leaders – respond to questions and other needs, moderate forums
  • Marketing – source adverts

What skills are needed for Info-Africa


  • Researchers – News and information on Africa
  • Regional Partners – News, tourism, investment, media sourcing
  • Web developers – web design, content integration (rss, etc), database creation
  • Marketing – Promote sites and Source advertisers


NB: While some of these areas are simple enough to be implemented immediately, Others will need a bit more study to identify the best strategy to win in these highly competitive niches. The business outline above is therefore subject to amendment to reflect evolving success strategies in these areas.



The first time i heard about “Passive Income”, a light bulb lit up inside me. I knew immediately that it is a sure way to sustained wealth. I have heard great business minds continuously say that “Residual income is the source of real wealth”. That was several years ago. Two companies later and several business ideas later, I am ready to ignite that light bulb again.
I got tired of running after clients for the next job, creating experimental products hoping they would get noticed and purchased, chasing after the latest business opportunity and hoping it will lead to ‘the promise land’.

I thank God that in His mercies, He has been faithful and sustained us through the least expected avenues.


After three (3) years of running a business and going through the difficult process of soliciting for jobs (partly because our business is new and does not have a reputation yet), I have come round full circle to the idea of setting up a company that has as its core, several passive income streams. That I believe, is the business model for the emerging troubled economy – diversified passive income streams.

Over the last few years, I have noticed the world’s increasing interest in Africa and the rush by economic powers to invest in the economies of African countries.

Africa: an emerging markets frontier  –
I have longed talked (to anyone who would listen) about Africa’s emergence as ‘The Continent’ to watch – the continent that has it all, rich in resources – natural, human, intellectual, Rich in culture and bursting with creativity and style. Africa is still virgin ground, waiting to be explored and exposed (positively) by entrepreneurs who are ready to showcase it for all its richness.  This makes Africa the ideal brand – I introduce you to ‘Africa as a Brand’. Welcome to ‘Africa as a Brand’.