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What is SEO?

Web applications are business strategies and policies implemented on the Web through the use of User, Business and Data services. These tools are where the future lies.

At Divine and Branches, we believe that selecting the right technology for our clients (while keeping the present and the future of their business in focus) is what is most important.
To help your business exceed its technological expectations, we provide Web Applications development, corporate and eCommerce website solutions.


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How you present yourself online can be key to your business success. You have only a few seconds to make that first impression! A potential customer is won or lost in those few seconds.

Little things like good design sense and neat design layout can go a long way in announcing that you are a serious business. Contrary to what we usually hear, your site does not need lots of bells and whistles to win the confidence of your visitors. A simple, well designed site is generally the winning combination.
That is what we want to help you achieve.


Recent Web Design


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[one_third]The Intestinal Transplantation centre at the University of Cambridge Hospital asked us to design a website that would be a complete source of information of their work and a focal point for NASIT. [/one_third]

[one_third]ChristianAdverts.org is a fully functional Classified site. It is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds site created in WordPress with lots of professional features and extra classified website designs. [/one_third]

[one_third_last]A simple website designed for a Science and education charity in Africa. Good layout design and pleasant colour combination makes this an efficient design [/one_third_last]






Are you disappointed with your web design? We can help!

We will redesign your website to properly reflect your Company’s current vision, values and will update it to showcase your services and products.
Our creative and experienced designers will choose appropriate Colour schemes, lay out and logically position text and images to create the optimal user experience on your website.


Web Applications Development

Developing Web (Internet-based) Application is one of our strong points. Our Web Application Development Services will help you improve on the efficiency and speed with which your run your business. We boast a team of highly experienced programmers and creative designers who are focused on understanding your business needs and working with you to meet your business goals.

We enjoy what we do. So tell us your specific software needs and we will build custom solutions tailored to your business.


Recent Web Applications


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[one_third][imagetab width=”180″ height=”150″]/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/NHS-Outreach-Clinics-s.jpg [/imagetab]

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[one_third]A fully featured Medical Database application for one of the hospitals of the National Health Service in Cambridge, UK. [/one_third]

[one_third]A Medical Patients Database application with reporting facilities for Intestinal Transplantation units of hospitals in UK. [/one_third]

[one_third_last]A Directory for rich media properties. Built as an educational resource for a University[/one_third_last]


Digital Shop

Our digital shop is where you would get the best in web applications. Our designers are some of the best. So to get your hands on high-value, instantly profitable, cutting-edge software solutions, head to the digital shop.
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