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Website Maintenance and Update

Divine and Branches will do the following,

1. Maintain the website every month i.e. carry out software updates on all software (CMS platform, plugins, etc.) used on your site and ensure (within limits that we control) that the site is kept online and active.

2. To update sermons on the website, at most, once a week. Sermons can be in text, audio or video format and must have been fully edited by you.

3. Create a new Banner theme for the website once a month. Theme could be based on the topic for the month or any other special topic.

4. Undertake emergency updates of articles and gallery items or repairs of any issues concerning the website at no extra cost.

5. Provide a monthly report on visitor activities on your website i.e. analyze visitor traffic, provide a complete picture of your audience, track the pages they visit, and the devices they use to get there, etc.

6. Provide basic SEO services on website and optimize future website content.

Discounted cost of Services 1 to 6 = £87 (Eighty Seven pounds) per month

$ Click this link if you are in North America


7. As an added bonus, for all our clients that take the full maintenance package, We build them a new website every 2 years, as our way of thanking them for their patronage.

Value = £1500 (USD 2,500)

NB: You only need to take our maintenance package (£87 (Eighty Seven pounds)) and you will get our bonus worth £1500 for FREE.

Discounted Cost of All Services 1 to 7 = £87 (Eighty Seven pounds) per month

$ Click this link if you are in North America

May we all Succeed and Prosper.
Gideon Chukualim

Divine & Branches Ltd.