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If seventy percent (70%) of the people in your city frequent a particular mall, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a presence there to preach the love of Jesus Christ and win souls for the Kingdom? There is a new place where unbelievers gather and if we are serious about the Great Commission (Soul winning) then we need to go there. Because many of them won’t come to Church. Watch this short (7 minutes) video for more information.



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I can help you reach new members using Social media.

I will help you (1) Promote Spiritual practice and (2) Drive meaningful engagements in Your Social media properties or help you get on the right Social media platform for Church. Some of my Social media services include,

STARTER Package – $30 / Month
1. You will get unlimited access to our ever-growing library of professionally designed Christian-based social posts along with templates that you can use for your Social media posts.
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DONE-FOR-YOU Package$147 / Month
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You get everything in the STARTER Package plus I will also manage your Social media accounts by posting Christian-based materials 7 Days per week to your account.

The algorithms that control social media platforms give accounts that post regularly unprecedented advantage by giving their posts higher visibility. This makes it possible for many more people to see your posts without the need to spend money on boosting posts or advertisements.
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Other Services:

  • Website Management – Sermons, Announcements, Events updates.
  • Website Design, Chatbots, Virtual Salespersons, website update
  • Graphics Design

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